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Our Story

Sento are public baths, dotted throughout communities all over Japan. Traced back to the Heian period (794-1185), the first public bath was built in 1591 in Edo (now Tokyo). They rose in popularity and boomed after WWII when many homes didn't have their own bathing facilities. In 1968 there were over 18,000 across Japan. However Sentos are disappearing rapidly during this recent two decades. 

As a super Sento fan myself, every time I go to Sento , I can feel a great sense of community. If you go frequently and regularly enough, you would slowly recognise everyone's faces. I feel very lucky to be the owner of this hostel and kept many original features from the Sento. I renamed it as Hostel Furoya to pay tribute to its history and heritage. I hope the spirit of Sento culture stay with us here where everyone are welcome, equal, relax and have fun together. 


The SENTO era

The original Sento "布袋湯" was permanently closed at 2013. It is a purpose built apartment block with the Sento at the 1F and 2F. Such building type is very unique and can be rarely found now.


The guesthouse era

The Sento was converted into a guesthouse at 2015. It was called EZ STAY OSAKA. (イージーステイ大阪) It was really popular among backpackers and local sento fans.



The guesthouse renamed as "HOSTEL FUROYA" and opened at 2019. The whole guesthouse has been renovated and now equipped with modern facilities. Although the appearance and the use of the sento has been changed over the years, the spirit of sento stay with us forever.


The process

It was fun but definitely not easy. There are many challenges during the renovation process.

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